Epac Technology

How customers are using Epac 3000 to improve their Performance

"My observation is that you don't know what you've got until you can measure it accurately and reliable. We now have complete roll data from dirty to finish with crown, taper, temperature and diameter in a database with six sort and search fields."                                                 Epac 3000 customer

Capitalizing on the technological advancements that make the Epac 3000 lighter, and more compact:

  • To extend the campaign life of their rolls.
  • To change rolls based on wear rather than tonnage.
  • To compare roll manufacturers: good characteristics and shortcomings.
  • To analyze wear characteristics by mill stand, by time or linear exposure, by stand position, and by roll manufacturer.
  • Profile issues on rolls are now much easier to diagnose because of the compact size and ease of handling.

Utilizing the temperature measurement aspects:

  • To assure that all points along the roll barrel are within/not within grinding temperature specs... and, as their quality assurance program dictates, they will have a permanent record of the thermal profile.
  • This record can be useful in the event that particular roll has a problem. They may want to go back and verify that the roll was at the right temperature prior to grinding. The Epac 3000 allows them to do that, with data automatically stored in its computer and, if they wish, transmitted to another database as well.
  • Troubleshooting. They are getting temperature data much faster after a roll change. If they want the rolls' thermal profile immediately, they can get it while the rolls are in front of the mill, and without separating the rolls.
  • Epac 3000 is helping them immediately determine if there are roll cooling problems.
  • The Epac 3000 documents more measurements at once than any single mobile source. Epac users report that their measurements are now more accurate, quicker, easier, and without human deviation or error. The hard copy of all data proves the job was done right, in a timely manner.


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