Epac Technology

Brilliant Design

Our mission is to revolutionize the roll shop industry through providing the latest technology in innovative design and top quality engineering.

The ndustry asked for a saddle mic that would measure diameter for over 20 years. Epac's experienced engineers have produced an industry first! The patented Epac 3000 not only reads diameter, but also temperature and profile...and gives you a colored printout of all three functions on the same page!

The Epac 3000 is a breakthrough in design leading to rolling mill quality improvements on several fronts. Because we have moved beyond the antiquated caliper technology for our Series 3000, it opens up new possibilities for using the instrument to troubleshoot mill problems in ways that were not possible with the caliper design. The light weight and small size allows users to use the mic as a diagnostic tool as well as in the traditional profiler role. The Epac Series 3000 can physically fit into a space that calipers would not even think of going! As users see the Epac 3000 they are thinking of many new applications for it that will help them troubleshoot profiling and/or temperature problems in the mill.


Quality Engineering

In 1999, Harford Industries, Inc., purchased the rights to both the Epac and the Apac from Wilbar Manufacturing Company Inc., which had a reputation for producing the very finest quality micrometers for thirty years. Wilbar's talented micrometer division designer and manager, William Mellander, now heads our design team for the Series 3000. We still produce Wilbar's light weight and rugged analog micrometer (now called The Apac) upon request.

Epac's experienced team of engineers includes specialists in electrical engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, production, electronics, and testing.

We have a history of creating technological breakthroughs in electronic micrometer design while maintaining our excellent standards of the finest in craftsmanship and durability.

Consistently accurate readings with Epac's unique rigid construction and state-of-the-art technology allow users to take advantage of a quality instrument at a fraction of the cost of an on-board caliper.


Exceptional Customer Service

Epac offers service packages custom designed to meet the full range of customer needs from the most rigorous ISO/A2LA certification to basic on-site service packages. Off-site service packages are also available.

Epac listens to our customers. When you told us you wanted a saddle mic that would measure temperature, profile, and diameter, Epac delivered. When you said you wanted a mic that is mall in size, easy to handle, and light in weight Epac delivered. When you told us you wanted a mic that was low in cost, Epac delivered. When you asked us for an upgrade that would allow you to save multiple skates, Epac delivered.

With a commitment to staying on the leading edge of innovation, and delivering the very best in design and engineering, Harford Industries' engineers will see to it that Epac stays the best available choice in electronic saddle micrometers for the long term.

With a 35-year history of providing exceptional customer service, Epac's service personnel will continue to see to it that your total Epac experience is a pleasant one. Expect the best from the company that has invested the money and effort to raise the bar on the industry standards! We are committed to your success.


Commitment to ongoing R&D

With an ongoing program of research and development, the Epac Division of Harford Industries will continue to set the industry standards.

Within six quarters after delivering the first Epac 3000, Epac engineers produced four upgrades and designs for one new Epac model which allows users to measure rolls with 8" to 14" diameter.


Leadership in PC based Design

Epac's sophisticated data acquisition and transfer help users meet and document quality standards. Seamless networking with existing technology in the plant allows users to measure, transfer, and analyze data for true roll shot management at its best!

Easy operation with Epac's user-friendly touch screen design allows operators to quickly master using the Epac for maintaining strict quality standards.


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