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Epac 3200

Premiering in 2015, the new Epac Series 3200 incorporates all the same functions as the Epac Series 3000, measuring roll profile, roll surface temperature, and roll diameter.

The Series 3200, while retaining the original geometry with its patented Short Chord Technology, is smaller and lighter than previous generations of Epacs. Overall height has been reduced by more than 2 inches and the weight is 2 pounds less.

The Epac User Experience just got even easier with a Smart Charger to improve battery life, provide a full charge in about 90 minutes, and indicator lights to show when it is charging and fully charged.

Harford Industries, Incorporated has always been the world leader in the design and technology of Saddle Type Roll Micrometers and the Series 3200 maintains that commitment. With regard to size, weight, reliability, accuracy, adaptability and convenience there is no alternative.

Since the introduction of Epac Short Chord Technology in January 2003, with its inherent range of applications and capabilities all other roll micrometers became limited use devices.

We acknowledge the early Epac buyers who immediately recognized our design potential. Having access to data which was previously unobtainable they applied it to mill modeling and mill diagnostics which resulted in a significant return on investment.

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