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How to improve your Product Quality using Epac 3000's patented Roll Monitoring System

"In general, the steel industry has and continues to respond to the changing requirements of the product. Steel continues to be the material of choice since the steel industry is being proactive."                                  General Motors Corporation's Dave Mattis, Director

Keeping your mill in top condition will allow you to charge top dollar for your product and keep your customers happy. The mill that cannot deliver quality product will lose out to the mill that can. The result of producing a lower quality product is a lower sales price in a diminishing market without a reduction in production cost. It is a losing scenario.

In today's competitive environment where customers are raising their standards on product quality, and their expectations are at an all-time higher, yesterday's roll dimensional accuracy monitoring methods are NOT going to suffice. Preventative roll dimensional accuracy monitoring is no longer optional.

Gone are the days when a mill can save roll dimensional accuracy monitoring solely for use after a problem occurs to analyze what caused it. Roll dimensional accuracy monitoring needs to be done on a regular basis to prevent problems for occurring by catching small errors before they spin out of control.

We have all heard the definition of insanity: doing the same thing you always did and expecting a different result. In today's environment, rolling mills are willing to take extra steps in quality assurance if they lead to new levels of product quality.

Today, progressive flat rolled product manufacturers are looking for reliable, cost effective, time efficient systems for ensuring and maintaining high quality performance in their mills.

The Epac 3000 emerged to fit these needs for today's high standards of roll dimensional accuracy.

Reading roll profile, diameter, and temperature, the Epac 3000 is fast and easy to use. Its cost can easily be recovered in a matter of weeks or months. It is an inexpensive solution to the increasing demands of rolling mill customers for tighter product dimensional accuracy and consistency.

Because of its light weight and compare size, the Epac 3000 can evaluate your systems on a regular basis as a preventative measure so you can keep your quality control systems much tighter and catch any irregularities faster. No other saddle type roll micrometer can perform this procedure!

The Epac 3000 saddle-type roll micrometer system brings roll monitoring to an entirely new level. Roll monitoring is no longer just roll profiling in the roll shot to ensure that reground rolls are within specification. With the advent of the Epac 3000 system, it is now a multi functional monitoring tool...start to finish.

The Epac 3000 system, which fully utilizes recent advances in technology and initiates its own patented advances in design engineering, is raising the bar on the quality expectations of all rolling mills. If you are not using it now, you will be in the near future when your customers demand it.

The design breakthrough of the Epac 3000 electronic roll profile measurement system has produced an instrument that is mechanically and technologically superior to the old caliper technology, providing dramatic benefits in size, weight, accuracy, and multitasking.

  • Size. The smaller size gives the user the ability to physically fit the unit into places that would previously have been unavailable for roll inspection. This allows the instrument to be used for thermal profiling in tight places, troubleshooting in the mill, skating rolls without pulling them from a stack, as well as for the traditional profiling of rolls.
  • Weight. Epac 3000 manufactures two models: The model 3038 which skates rolls from 14"-38" weighing 11 pounds and the model 3064 which skates rolls from 36" - 64" weighing 14.5 pounds.
  • Accuracy. The Epac 3000 offers calibration and certification to NIST-traceable standards to assist you in meeting and documenting the most rigorous standards in your product quality.
  • Multitasking. The patented Epac 3000 not only reads diameter, but also temperature and profile... and gives you a colored printout of all three functions on the same page.
  • All data gathered by the Epac 3000 can also be transferred to the user's Roll Management System.



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