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Skate Setup Screen

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Display Data Screen

Database screen

System Management Screen

System Configuration Screen

Calibration Screen


The Series 3000 software is loaded on a PXI series Touch system Active computer with an Intel Celeron 500 MHz processor and a 2 GB hard drive.

Using these units is easy with the Series 3000 NewMic vii software doing all of the work. All the operator has to do is tap the computer prepare icon, skate the roll, tap the download icon and view the display. The data can then be saved to the database or printed into a hard copy. The software allows total control of skate information and is designed to be totally user friendly, allowing virtually any employee to manage skate information easily.

Skate Setup Screen:

  • Roll Status: Designate between "Clean" or "Dirty".
  • Data Fields: 4 fields for roll/skate identification.
  • Unit Indicator: English or Metric designation
  • Mic Range: 36"-64" or 14"-38" roll diameter.
  • Roll Size Button: Designates the roll diameter range.
  • Prepare Mic: Prepares skate unit for measuring.
  • Read Skate: Reads data from skate unit.
  • Setup Controls: Customize graphic display for Temperature, Tolerance Bands, Radius, Scale, and Target Crown.

Display Data Screen:

  • Includes graphic displays for roll radius, profile, temperature, and tolerance bands.
  • Includes options to print data, save data, or export data.
  • Includes in-depth skate information such as crown, crown position, crown type, roll status, length of skate, taper direction, and taper.

Database Screen:

  • Displays a list of all saved skates.
  • Files can be sorted in six categories: time stamp, roll number, operator, roll status, user, or another customizable data field.
  • Saved skates can be viewed in spreadsheet format or individually loaded to the Display Data Screen for a graphical display.

System Management Screen:

  • Password protection for management only access.
  • Contains system configuration and calibration tabs.

Calibration and Configuration Screens:

  • Allows management to set: units preference, warm-up time, crown tolerance, crown factor, display mode, and Digit resolution.
  • Calibration can be done in shop by simple + or - adjustments.


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