With an ongoing program of research and development, the EPAC division of Harford Industries will continue to set the industry standards.
Specs and Options


• Power:
• Operating Time:
? Sample Size Range:
• Resolution:

110 VAC and 50 PSI air supply
0.005" to 0.5" X 60"

The Basics

The patented Epac 4000 profiles strip samples cut from coils primarily produced in hot mills.

Three skate profiles are generated in the initial display:

  • The top surface of the sample
  • The bottom surface of the sample
  • The gauge of the sample

The skates can be saved to a database. From the database a skate can be selected for gamma testing. The gamma test reads 4 points at each end of the strip sample. The start point for the gamma test readings is operator adjustable from 0.1" to 3.0".

The four readings from each end are: 1@ start point, 2 @ +1.0", 3 @ +2.0", 4 @ +3.0". Readings 2,3, and 4 are offset from the startpoint.

The Epac 4000 utilizes two lasers to read the top and bottom surfaces.

Resolution is .00017" and sample size range is 0.005" to 0.5" gauge X 60" width.

Graphic display and data readout is user selected between english and metric units of measurement with four ID input fields available.

The unit weighs 650 pounds and is designed for hot mill environments.

The Options

  • Calibration fixture
  • Lockable Cabinet w/ mic rest
  • Wireless Data Transmitter
  • Networking Capabilities


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