With an ongoing program of research and development, the EPAC division of Harford Industries will continue to set the industry standards.
Specs and Options

Designed to improve accuracy over the traditional manual saddle type roll micrometer, the EPAC 2000 electronic profile acquisition caliper is fully integrated with your PC for state-of-the-art data acquisition and performance.
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• Power:
• Operating
• Maximum Roll
• Data Storage:

12v Nickel Metal Hydride
Unlimited during normal operation
3 hours between PC Connection
234 inches

Readings every 0.1 inch of longitudinal travel

The Basics

NEW - Epac's latest upgrade gives you totally wireless capability. Transmit and save multiple skates to one or more computers without the usual restrictions associated with saddle micrometers.

Benefit: You now have the freedom to skate one roll immediately after another, saving operator time. Get instant feedback and faster readings. Your shop gets more done in less time!

The patented Epac 3000 is a totally new design in saddle type roll micrometers. Its unique design makes it a perfect diagnostic tool to troubleshoot mill problems and improve the quality of your product.

The model 3038 which skates rolls from 14"-38"  has a saddle measuring 6.75" x 8.25" with one arm extending out 8". It weighs 11 pounds.

The model 3064 which skates rolls from 36"-64" has a saddle measuring 6.75" x 14.25" with one arm extending out 12". It weighs 14.5 pounds.

These units are extremely rigid and rugged... Built to provide trouble free accurate readings in a roll shot environment.

The Series 3000 software is loaded on a PXI series Touch system Active computer with an Intel Celeron 500 MHz processor and a 2 GB hard drive.

Using these units is easy with the Series 3000 NewMic vii software doing all of the work. All the operator has to do is tap the computer prepare icon, skate the roll, tap the download icon and view the display. The data can then be saved to the database or printed into a hard copy.

Also included are an instruction manual and limited warranty.

There is no other saddle type roll micrometer that comes close to matching the FEATURES, SIZE, WEIGHT, and RELIABILITY of the Epac 3000!

The Options

  • Calibration fixture
  • Lockable Cabinet w/ mic rest
  • Wireless Data Transmitter
  • Networking Capabilities


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